The Society

The Società Ceramica Italiana (Italian Ceramic Society, I.Cer.S.) was founded in 1972. In 1973, it merged with the existing association Assiceram and assumed the name of Società Italiana per la Ceramica-Assiceram. It acquired its current name in 1989, by which time it had moved to its current location in Bologna. At the same time it adopted modernised Articles of Association established at a national conference backed by the Ministry for Universities and Scientific Research, the National Research Council CNR and other associations.
Since I.Cer.S. was founded, the Italian ceramic and ceramic machinery industry has risen to world prominence, particularly in the traditional ceramic sector where it enjoys an unchallenged leadership position. Given the increasingly numerous and diversified fields of application of ceramic, it has become essential to foster a modern industrial culture and reach out to new, specialised professional figures.
For this reason, the Society’s Members are not limited to technicians but also include university students, scientific researchers, marketing experts, company planners, logisticians and other professionals. The Italian Ceramic Society, which has always shown a strong group spirit, has undergone these and many other changes to achieve growth and become a major cultural forum for the Italian ceramic sector and for the corresponding foreign associations. It also represents Italy within the sector’s European association, the European Ceramic Society (E.Cer.S.).

Ever since its foundation, the mission of the Italian Ceramic Society (I.Cer.S.) has been to foster and coordinate initiatives supporting the Italian ceramic industry and to represent Italian ceramic culture at every level in Europe and worldwide. In accordance with its Articles of Association, the Italian Ceramic Society (I.Cer.S.) has always promoted high values of ceramic culture and techniques. Over the years, it has successfully conducted a wide range of activities and initiatives, including:

  • Promoting the progress and diffusion of ceramic culture through a strong spirit of cooperation on scientific, educational, technical, historical, artistic and cultural levels.
  • Fostering an awareness of Italian ceramic culture in Europe and worldwide by means of international contacts and through the European Ceramic Society.
  • Coordinating the participation of the I.Cer.S. in cultural initiatives promoted by Associations with analogous objectives in Europe and worldwide.
  • Organising periodic meetings with the purpose of proposing possible ways of solving technical, economic, organisational and scientific problems concerning the sector.
  • Publishing proceedings of conferences and other events, books and technical reports.

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